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Lake Erie Walleye Charter on The Outdoor Icon® Show

Rob Palowitz and Denny Malloy go Walleye Fishing with Captain Marv - Part 1

*As seen on The Outdoor Icon® Show with Hosts Rob Palowitz and Denny Malloy, Jr. on Fox TV –

Show Transcript

ROB: Hi, I'm Rob Palowitz with the Outdoor Icon show we're up here with Marv DeGreen of Evil Eye Charters in Fairport Harbor and were getting ready to catch some of these. So stay tuned, you're watching the Outdoor Icon show

Outdoor Icon Show Intro

ROB: Hi I'm Rob Palowitz

DENNY: and I'm Denny Malloy

ROB: and welcome to the Outdoor Icon show

DENNY: We have a great show in store for you today, we've got some hot Central Basin walleye action, Rob and some of our sponsors went up this past week and had a fantastic trip, Rob you guys limited out early in the day

ROB: Yes we did, we used Captain Marv DeGreen of Evil Eye Charters, and I'll tell you what, as soon as those spoons hit the water, we were pretty much reelin in fish left and right

DENNY: hot action

ROB: yep

DENNY: Also, later in today's show we'll be debuting our new segment, "Cooking with Jeff Chrystal" and Jeff is gonna cook up some of that walleye that you caught this week

ROB: I think its gonna be what, a little Walleye Francaise I believe?

DENNY: A little Walleye Francaise, I'll tell you what, I've been lickin' my lips all day just smellin' it in the background

ROB: That's a good way to utilize some of that white gold we have here from Lake Erie

DENNY: So stay tuned you're gonna enjoy today's show

Boat Ride out of Fairport Harbor

ROB: We're heading out of Fairport Harbor, were gonna be doing a little bit of trolling, were gonna have some braided line, some lures, some plugs, some spoons going down, were gonna do Jet Divers, Dipsy Divers, and were gonna be anywhere from probably 50 ft to 60 ft, 70 ft, lookin for walleye (and it's great eating), we have a little bit of rain here today to deal with, but it's gonna be off and on, so it'll be spotty rain (a little tougher conditions), but I think we'll be OK, waves are gonna be 2 ft or less, and we're looking forward to a good day, high of about 80 degrees, it's mid July and still a lot of hot action here on Lake Erie, get ready

NARRATOR: Rob brought some friends on this fishing trip, Rich Albright from CW Mouldings and Dave Wilkeson from DRS, he also brought along his father but before we talk to them let's talk to the captain.

ROB: I've got Marv DeGreen here from Evil Eye Charters, Marv, how's it lookin out here today?

MARV: Every day you get up is a perfect day to me

ROB: Any day you can breathe right?

MARV: It's always good fishin, it's just the catchin varies everyday

ROB: Well how many spots are we gonna be hittin this morning?

MARV: Well, were gonna be trollin Rob, so, you know, we'll be moving around quite a bit

ROB: Yeah, cover a lot of area

MARV: We're gonna cover, if we fish four hours, were gonna cover 8 or 9 miles of water

ROB: 8 or 9 miles?

MARV: Well, it may be the same 8-9 (or 3-4 miles) over and over again, but were gonna keep movin

ROB: How tight do these walleye stay as far as when there in a school

MARV: Let's just say, if you take Lake Erie like a multi-layer cake, OK, where you have several layers, a lot of times the walleye might be in a layer that's only two to three feet thick


MARV: You know, they're targeting where that zoo plankton (the sea flea) is, and a lot of times they use it as cover, and they hide right in those same layers

MARV: It always seems to be better if you have a little chop, to break the surface,and the reason the chop is good is that is breaks the sunlight from coming in, it interrupts it, well, we're not gonna have sunlight, hopefully (because it was a dark night last light), the walleye will have the feedbag on this morning

ROB: They'll be ready to strap it on and hopefully hit our lines, we're lookin forward to a good morning.

Setting Up Lines for Trolling

MARV: OK what the Dipsy does is when it's locked in place like this, it dives to a specific depth determined by the amount of line you let out. When the fish hits, it opens up so you're not fightin the Dipsy.

ROB: Now flip that Dipsy over, what's underneath there?

MARV: OK, now this is a directional Dipsy, there's an arrow in the middle, which if you run it on zero, it'll run straight behind the boat and it dives the deepest. On the sides of the boat, we're running one at 3 and one at 2, so it kicks out to the side of the boat like this. It's moving a little bit away from the boat.

ROB: What planer boards end up doing, we put these clips, right down the line, and what it does, it takes your lure and keeps it away the boat. Due to the water being a lot more clear than it has been in the past (in past years 5 or 10 years ago), the fish get more skittish with this clear water, so therefore, using the planer boards, it keeps your lure out away from the boat, and therefore gives you more optimal chances of gettin more action when you're fishing out here on Lake Erie trollin. So right there is a planer board, in most cases they are somewhat home made, and are usually decorated to how the charter captain feels his spirit is.

NARRATOR: This Outdoor Icon show factoid is brought to you by: First Metropolitan Mortgage

Ohio's State Record for walleye weighs in at 15.95lbs with a length of 33 inches

It was caught on Lake Erie in November of 1999 by Tom Haberman

*Ohio Department of Natural Resources

NARRATOR: Stay tuned, the Outdoor Icon will be right back

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